To enhance the experience of every event we play at, we only use the most superior, latest sound equipment available. All our gear is top of the range!

Royal Red Entertainment ensures all it's client it has premium equipment which are tailored for their special event.

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At Royal Red Entertainment we have vast variety of speakers which are recommended for your specific functions. We understand our clients needs and adjust our set up accordingly.

Our high precision audio set up has a very noticeable sound quality. Our speakers will make a big difference in creating and sustaining a great atmosphere for your next event. Rest assured, they  also come with built-in back up fuses so if there is ever a power problem, there's always a second life - that means less risk for you. At Royal Red Entertainment we do provide audio for any function of any size.


Create an impact! Make a statement! Or simply just throw some light on the subject!

Creative lighting design and operation is a hallmark of all our major corporate events, and we pride ourselves on our ability to match any theme.

Technology combined with clever lighting design will totally transform your event and mesmerise your audience! Technology has combined with clever lighting design to totally transform your event and mesmerise your audience. We stock an ever-expanding range of the latest in LED technology, static and moving head fixtures.


Prepare for your next function in style with our wide range of visual equipment to cater for a variety of functions.

You could organise your next function with no props at all and rely solely on your charisma and charm… or we could assist you with all the bells and whistles! These include a great range of stage lighting, room lighting, electronic whiteboards, tele-conference phone systems, laser pointers, wireless presentation mice and more!.

We also offer a special delivery and set-up service, no point in having the right gear badly set up. .